IBC Spill Control
Safeway Products offers a great solution for spill control when using IBC's. Reduce or eliminate the expense associated with clean-up, environmental damage and worker exposure. Catch and contain up to 55 gallans of spillage for reuse or disposal.
A sturdy steel frame coated with chemical resistang paint holds a polyethylene insert for containment. Forklift access is provided in the frame for easy movement. Meets EPA 40CFR 264.175

Model        Size        Capacity     Weight    Capacity      Load
                   IBC's              Gallons       Capacity
IBC 1       50 x 50 x 38.75     1       420#    400 gallons      6000#     IBC 2       96 x 53 x 27.25    2       600#    550 gallons    12,000#